Can We Handle the Truth?

Can We Handle the Truth?

By Angelo Frazier

The loss of a loved one, the reality of the pandemic, masks, and vaccines. The rejection of a friend, betrayal of a coworker, the diagnosis of a terminal illness. Can we handle the truth about our relationships, ministries, or businesses? Can we handle the truth about our country’s wars, our peace treaties, or our history on race and poverty?

This is the question of the ages.

Can atheists, agnostics, or deists handle the truth?

Can politicians or ministers handle the truth?

How about Pastors and Preachers, Police officers and teachers, Childcare workers and Medical Professionals?

The truth, being “unveiled reality,” is everywhere present – but what is also present is the attempt to hide, twist, or even spin the truth to avoid or delay its full implication.

When Martin Luther was brought before the Diet of Worms, how did he handle the truth?

When Galileo was brought before the Catholic Tribunal, how did he handle the truth?

And when Pilate came face to face with the Truth, how did he handle it?  

Every aspect of our lives is governed by the Truth. In fact the Bible says the truth that, “all things are held together by Him (Jesus).” Colossians 1:17

Why, then, is it so difficult to acknowledge this in today’s world?  I believe it is the progressive push for self-sufficiency away from the sufficiency of Christ that is the core issue of this present chaos.
In truth, this push started in a garden!  Many years ago, when God’s human creation decided to listen and act on the suggestions from the evil one rather than rely and walk in the counsel of the Holy One, it began!

Sin entices and induces us to do it our way, not God’s way. We are encouraged to find our own way, trust our own feelings and acknowledge our own truth.
Subjective rationalization then must replace objective reality and human reason is to be exalted above Godly wisdom. This then makes the truth difficult to see, hard to accept and even harder to acknowledge.

So, I believe God has given us 66 books about the truth. I hope you find the following guide helpful for you to use as you seek the only truth, Jesus!
1. In Genesis: truth begins     
2. In Exodus: truth goes forth
3. In Leviticus: truth is legal
4. In Numbers: truth counts
5. In Deuteronomy: truth is repeated
6. In Joshua: truth conquers
7. In Judges: truth is judicial
8. In Ruth: truth unites
9. In I Samuel: truth requests
10. In II Samuel: truth rules                             
11. In I Kings: truth reigns
12. In II Kings: truth passes on                         
13. In I Chronicles: truth records
14. In II Chronicles: truth revises                      
15. In Ezra: truth returns
16.  In Nehemiah: truth rebuilds
17.  In Esther: truth is veiled
18. In Job: truth suffers
19.  In The Psalms: truth petitions
20.  In The Proverbs: truth instructs                 
21. In Ecclesiastes: truth is essential
22.  In The Songs of Solomon: truth is pleasurable 
23.  In Isaiah: truth is promised
24. In Jeremiah: truth is faithful                                                
25. In the Lamentations: truth convicts             
26.  In Ezekiel: truth is responsible
27.  In Daniel: truth is dedicated
28. In Hosea: truth holds on           
29. In Joel: truth prepares
30. In Amos: truth stays focused
31. In Obadiah: truth delivers 
32.  In Jonah: truth is a sign
33.  In Micah: truth is specific
34.  In Nahum: truth is timeless
35.  In Habakkuk: truth justifies
36.  In Zephaniah: truth chastens
37.  In Haggai: truth prospers
38.  In Zechariah: truth is sure
39.  In Malachi: truth connects
40. In Matthew: truth is royal
41. In Mark: truth is action
42.  In Luke: truth heals
43.  In John: truth is for all
44.  In Acts: truth saves
45.  In Romans: truth is light
46.  In I Corinthians: truth loves
47. In 2 Corinthians: truth is comfort
48. In Galatians: truth is gracious
49. In Ephesians: truth is a mystery
 50. In Philippians: truth is precious
51. In Colossians: truth is first
52.  In  I Thessalonians: truth is hope
53. In  II Thessalonians: truth works
54.  In I Timothy: truth teaches
55.  In II Timothy: truth leads
56.  In Titus: truth is tested                       
57.  In Philemon: truth is freedom
58.  In Hebrews: truth is Holy
59. In James: truth is action
60.  In I Peter: truth consoles
61. In II Peter: truth warns
62.  In I John: truth is genuine
63.  In II John: truth is love
64.  In III John: truth is the way
65.  In Jude: truth confronts
66.  In Revelation: truth begins…again!
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