Passionate Hearts Ministry offers a variety of Christ-centered, curriculum-based, highly confidential settings for adult women.

Were you wounded by childhood sexual abuse? Are you wanting to defeat disordered eating? Do you long for emotional health and wish for heart-connections? Have you wondered how to overcome the bondage of dysfunctional relationships? Come and discover a better understanding of who God created you to be.

Passionate Heart Ministry offers these support groups this fall. If interested call (661) 331-3392 and leave a confidential voice message. Preregistration is required by August 30. These groups are Christ-centered, curriculum-based, highly confidential for women 18 years or older. Space is limited. Materials fee $50. Childcare by is offered by prior arrangement only.

Call by August 20 to request registration in any of the following groups.

Passionate Hearts

For women wounded by childhood sexual abuse

We are a safe place for women to tell their stories and assess and overcome wounding, helping them become thriving survivors. We’ll help them explore the beliefs developed during abuse and how the beliefs impacted their lives. We help them identify and replace faulty beliefs with Biblical truth and give the freedom to wrestle with God and His sovereignty over their lives.  We explore what it means to passionately love God, others, and themselves so that they can see their story, painful and ugly as it is, us a part of God’s beautiful redemptive story.
If you were victimized by childhood sexual abuse or rape and want more information about this group leave a message at (661) 331-3392.

Courageous Hearts

For women in recovery for all types of eating disorders, both clinical & subclinical

We explore the physical damage caused by their choices, their denial systems, root causes of food issues, and the distorted thinking processes used. We also explore emotional, relational, and spiritual damage and provide practical tools to help overcome these.  If they struggle with disordered eating, distorted body image, or are trapped in patterns of yoyo dieting, they can benefit from studying this material with us. The group can remove the shame of struggling with food issues as you depend on God for healing.
If you struggle with an eating disorder and want more information on this group leave a message at (661) 331-3392.  

Feeling Hearts

For women who would like to learn more about the emotions in their lives

God created us to feel an array of emotions that give us valuable information about our hearts. We can suppress, avoid and deny our feelings and believe they are unimportant, inappropriate or shameful. This group will help women to live a more authentic life and experience a deeper sense of community. It provides new insight toward experiencing emotions as God intended while finding a deeper understanding of the Creator who created them in His image.
If you would like to learn more about how emotions affect the way you live and want information on this group leave a message at (661) 331-3392.  

Invisible Hearts

For women recovering from multiple past issues

This group will address most all areas of abusive challenges including verbal, neglect, physical, spiritual, and growing up in a home with mental illness issues. We also cover the wounding from growing up in a home with addictions and discuss the impact of shame, powerlessness, cognitive distortions, and the core beliefs that form within abusive relationships. Women can verbalize pain, stories, and questions in a safe place where God's love and sovereignty for the wounded is explored, and can learn to relate to others in healthy ways.
If you were a victim of emotional abuse and want to understand its impact and work toward healing, leave your message requesting more information at (661) 331-3392.

Loving Hearts

For women who desire to understand and overcome dysfunctional relationships

This group explores topics such as: living with a distorted sense of reality and responsibility, control issues, loneliness, codependency and unresolved wounds. You will examine the roots of dysfunction by exploring topics like love hunger, living with addicts, abuse, and families bound by legalism and shame. They learn to overcome dysfunctional relationships by understanding the call to love as Jesus loves and the heart issues that hinder that. We will also talk about the art of building mutual relationships, loving in the face of difficulty, and what it means to understand the love of God and live loved.
If you desire healthier and more meaningful relationships this group would be beneficial for you. For more information leave a message at (661) 331-3392.