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Nov 12 2020
Outreach During a Pandemic Posted By Angelo Frazier, Pastor of Outreach & Care

Does this sound like a contradiction in terms? Reaching out in the times that everything and everyone has been told to shut down and shelter in place.  How is this possible? Why would anyone want to do Outreach in such an environment? Well, a casual glanc

Sep 29 2020
Pausing to Praise Posted By Ken Alvis, Pastor of Community Groups & Senior Adults

If the Word of God gives us direction on praising God (it does), then why can it be difficult to praise God?  The answer is simple:  distractions.  The distractions of life can easily push our focus on God to the sidelines.

Sep 03 2020
Continuing to Count the Cost Posted By RCC Staff

When many people are counting the cost of retirement or making plans to stop working, Don and Bev Urquhart are continuing to count the cost of following Jesus on the mission field. They have been serving CRU for 45 years and 17 of those years reaching out

Aug 04 2020
Being the Light of the World Posted By Nik Crown, Director of High School

Take a look at John 1:4-5 In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.  Let’s talk about being the light of the world for a minute.  I hear that said a lot. I hear people say

Jul 15 2020
New Dad Reflections: Night Screams Posted By Bill Wills, Director of High School

​Where to begin…I’m a new dad, been married almost five years, and I do not have this “father-husband lifestyle” all figured out. My six-month old son, Caleb Dean Wills, is a joy and blessing from heaven. With this gift laid in my lap, I don’t know much a

Jul 02 2020
News So Good You Have to Share Posted By Ken Alvis, Pastor of Community Groups & Senior Adults

​It was an early weekday morning back in the B.C. (Before Coronavirus) era.  I was at my regular Starbucks and was sitting next to the drive-thru window minding my own business and deep in thought.  Even in the early morning the drive-thru line is usuall

May 18 2020
Is It Over Yet? Posted By Brent Van Elswyk, Pastor of Families & Counseling / Teaching Pastor

This has been a crazy couple of months! Did I say, “has been”? Does that mean it’s over? Is it over?  No, not by a long shot and yet there is talk – all kinds of talk – all around us – about opening back up again: opening up our economy again, opening up

Apr 21 2020
Praying During Quarantine Posted By Nik Crown, Director of High School

​What a weird time to be alive. School is canceled, movie theaters are shut down, and most people are working from home. Why? Because of a microscopic organism that messes some people up and not others. Again, it’s a weird time to be alive.

Apr 16 2020
Lord, Open Our Eyes Posted By Brent Van Elswyk, Pastor of Families & Counseling / Teaching Pastor

Life is a series of mountains and valleys – it’s a combination of good times and bad times – it’s a mixture of opportunities and obstacles – if you’re a normal person you will experience in life times of depression – when you feel like everything is going

Apr 15 2020

God is so good!  In the midst of these unprecedented and uncertain times, our Sovereign and Loving God is working in and through our Church in unexpected, fresh and innovative ways.  We are so thankful and appreciative of our amazing and committed Church