Memorial Services at RiverLakes

The Memorial Service

Memorial services at RiverLakes are focused on the hope we have in Christ. We strive to maintain a demeanor and atmosphere which reflects Christ’s love and comfort to the grieving, and draws non-believers to a relationship with Christ. Our pastoral staff can help you to direct the service’s content, music and personal reflections in this manner.

If you are interested in holding a memorial service on our campus or have questions, please contact Marilyn Webster in the church office at 661.589.9733 x.219 or email her at

Our Facilities

Our Main Auditorium seats approximately 675 if the entire sanctuary seating is used. The Community Center Auditorium seats approximately 400. We will do our utmost to accommodate your needs with the best fit possible. There are Cry Rooms in both buildings for parents with small children to be able to witness the service. We will reserve seats in the front of the church on the left-hand side for the immediate family.

Funeral Hostess

To assist you on the day of the memorial service, a church funeral hostess is provided for you. The funeral hostess will be available to answer any questions you have regarding the facilities and service. She will be on hand throughout the day to coordinate the many things that must be cared for so that the family can focus on remembering their loved one. Please be aware that the funeral hostess is not meant to fulfill the responsibilities of a funeral home. It is the family’s responsibility to hire an outside party to coordinate burial or cremation as well as guest book, programs and any other items you wish to provide for your guests.

Reception – Bereavement

At the present time, our ability to host receptions is limited to 75-100 people maximum. Our Bereavement Team can provide food for up to 75 people. We can also provide a team of ladies to coordinate food, set up the reception and clean up afterwards. If you feel that you will have more than 75 people staying for the reception, you may contribute additional food to make up the difference, or you may consider hosting the reception at a restaurant or home as we will not have seats for all your guests.

If you decide to host the reception at home, our Bereavement Team can still provide food for up to 75 people. In this case, a house sitter can be recruited to come to the home to receive food, heat things up, and set it out prior to the arrival of guests so that no family member misses the service. A house sitter does not stay to clean up. If you need supplies to host the reception, hospitality boxes and coffee pots can be provided. Please make arrangements to return the boxes and coffee pots to the church the following day.

Please consider what will allow you the most quality time with your loved ones.