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Feb 01

THANKFUL FOR THE 2022 CHRISTMAS MISSIONARY OFFERING In keeping with our tradition at RCC during the Christmas season, we took a special love offering for our supported/endorsed missionaries.  As a result of RCC’s generosity and support, this special “abov

Jan 31
The Gospel vs. the American Dream Posted By Zach Whitmore, Director of Junior High

Bethel Church hosted Kenneth Copeland, one of the foremost prosperity gospel preachers, in their pulpit on January 8 of this new year. The American Dream has become ingrained into every part of American life and culture, and the church is no exception. Ma

Jan 05
When Your Ship is Sinking Posted By Ken Alvis, Pastor of Senior Adults & Assimilation

Here is the scenario: You are on a ship, and it is sinking. What would you do? How would you handle your final moments? As you ponder this, here is the story of how one man handled his last moments before his ship sank. Daniel Draper was an English evange

Dec 07
Read the Bible in 2023 Posted By RCC Staff

​How many of you have wanted to read through the Bible, but have never done it? Well, here’s your chance. We are encouraged to meditate on the Scriptures “day and night” (Psalm 1:2), to take in the “whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27) and get alone daily w

Nov 08

Hundreds of community neighbors flooded our campus on October 22 to participate in the “Harvest Fest ‘22” event.  The event was designed to serve, meet needs, and provide critical information to the community neighbors surrounding RCC, while also providin

Nov 03
The Best is Yet to Come Posted By Ken Alvis, Pastor of Senior Adults & Assimilation

​We humans have amazing bodies. In fact, here are some amazing facts about our amazing bodies:  The entire surface of your skin is replaced every month. The skin is the largest organ of your body, weighs eight pounds, and covers 22 square feet. Your body

Sep 30
Light of the World Posted By Tim Hardy, Pastor of Shepherding and Leadership Development

Have you ever been in a situation where there were lights on around you that you were not aware of until it was dark? This happened to me when I was recovering from surgery and had to sleep in my recliner. When the house lights were turned off, I was surp

Sep 14
The Setting of the Jewel of Romans Posted By Matt Vorhees, Senior Pastor

​In 33 AD, a frightened bunch of disciples huddled in a large upper room, trying to avoid the religious authorities following the death, resurrection, and ascension of their Beloved Rabbi. When suddenly, the sound of a mighty, rushing wind filled the room

Aug 11
Spending Time With God Posted By Steve Downs, Executive Pastor

When covid broke out in 2020, our world was turned completely upside down.  Everything in our daily lives (normal rhythms, routines, habits, etc.) all came to a halt when our country was shut down.  One thing that was a huge personal loss for me was the e

Jul 15
You Never Know How God Will Use You Posted By Ken Alvis, Pastor of Senior Adults & Assimilation

There is a financial term called Return on Investment (ROI) which simply evaluates how well a financial investment has performed. My contention is that we all have what I call a spiritual ROI. This is where we, as believers in Christ, invest in people and