We tell stories to bring glory to God and communicate how He is working in and through the lives of people at RiverLakes.  God’s plan of redemption is to reconcile all things back to Himself and this has been accomplished through Christ’s death on the cross and resurrection from the grave.  Stories testify to who God is and what He has done and is doing in Christ.  The gospel of Jesus Christ changes hearts and lives and stories allow us to capture glimpses of how God is working this transformation through the people of RiverLakes.

Elizabeth Martin – Part 1
Born and raised in China, Elizabeth's story stretches across the globe. Learn how God sent her from China to the US and back to save her soul.
Jordan D
He was so willing... it really showed his acceptance of who I was even though he knew who I really was.
Ron M
I was so excited about what Jesus had done, I wanted that for my friends.
Hanging out with those guys - the Men's Ministry - those are the kind of guys I wanna model my life after. Those are the kind of friends I want to have.
Melissa Brogdon
[Discipleship] gave me a purpose in my life and so once I had that, I needed to do something with it.
Russ Elrod
It's amazing how God shows up when we realize that we have nothing to say and he has everything to say.