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In Christ

Posted By Matt Vorhees, Senior Pastor On Friday, November 03, 2017

​Here we are at the edge of Romans 8! We’ve gone through this incredible story. To wrap up, here are 8 truths that we’ve discovered in this rich chapter and 4 applications we ought to take away.

8 "in Christ" statements:

1. In Christ, I am free from any condemnation and have kept the righteous requirements of the law.

2. In Christ, I am obligated to be led by the Spirit.

3. In Christ, I am a child of God and a coheir with Christ.

4. In Christ, I will be redeemed from this cursed creation.

5. In Christ, I am helped in prayer by the intercession of the Spirit.

6. In Christ, I know all things are working toward God’s good purpose for my life.

7. In Christ, I am certain of my eternal glorification.

8. In Christ, I fear nothing either in or out of this world.

4 Applications:

1. Passion for God

I have been justified. My debt is paid and my requirements met. I’m a child of the living God. I know that God is for me. He is my Abba Father. Nothing can separate me from His love. I should be overflowing with joy, delight, and contentment at the thought of my salvation in Christ Jesus.

2. Confidence in Life

I’m not condemned. I don’t have to walk in guilt and shame and fear. I’m led by the Spirit. Whatever God asks me to do, I can do because of the grace of God in me. I’m a child of God and the Holy Spirit intercedes for me according to God’s will and because God works all things together for my good. Even in the face of the most difficult trials, I can confidently say, “God I don’t know how, but you’re going to use this.”

3. Hope for the Future

Nobody can do anything to me that will last. I may stop breathing but when I die I’ll be resurrected with Jesus in Heaven. What can anyone do to me here that will make any difference in light of eternity? Nothing! Not only that but we have hope for the New Creation. Because this world is fallen and broken, I ultimately miss out on nothing. The best is yet to come!

4. No Fear

There is no suffering; no opposition; nothing in all creation that can thwart God’s good purposes for his kids.

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