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Eyes on the Prize

Posted By Nik Crown, Director of High School On Tuesday, October 10, 2017

​I can’t count the times that I have walked into a room and forgotten what I went in to do. I have gone to the grocery store and bought everything except the one thing I went in to get. In school, I often pondered the point of my existence while in a history class.  One time my brain was so on autopilot that I drove to Bakersfield College three months after I had transferred to CSUB. It wasn’t until I was pulling into the BC parking lot that I had realized my mistake. The thing that all of these stories have in common is that at some point I asked myself “What am I doing?”

Now these are all cute stories (except for the BC-CSUB story, I was super late to class that day), but the danger here is when we start to forget why we are Christians. We can get so wrapped up in the “what do I need to do” of being a Christian that we forget the “why am I a Christian.” This lack of focus can lead to burnout, ineffectiveness, and misguided hearts.

So what causes a lack of focus? Simple answer is that we take our eyes off the prize. So what is the prize? Paul gives the answer in 2 Timothy 4, where he is looking forward to the crown of righteousness that he will receive in heaven. In other words, Paul is looking forward to the end result of the grace that Jesus provides through His sacrifice on the cross for us.  Paul knows that everything that he has suffered because of his trust in Jesus is worth it because he gets to spend all eternity with Jesus!

So reader, the next time you are feeling worn out by following Jesus ask yourself, where is your focus? Is it on the prize? If not, what is it on? Something else? Yourself? Remind yourself that Jesus is the reason that we do what we do and in doing so you will be keeping your eye on the prize.

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