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Christmas All Year Long

Posted By Steve Downs, Executive Pastor On Thursday, December 13, 2018

I love the Christmas season.  It is such a special time of year.  It always evokes so many emotions – enjoying time with family and friends, celebrating traditions, remembering past Christmases and loved ones who are no longer with us, special food and songs and the giving and receiving of gifts.  

For many people it can also become a time of stress and pressure.  In our culture that has commercialized so much about Christmas, there is a frenzy of organizing and buying gifts, putting up meaningful and elaborate decorations, organizing and planning family get-togethers, attending one party or event after another.  Many become so tired and overwhelmed that they fail to enjoy and celebrate this special time of year.  

And then, it comes and goes so quickly.  December 26 rolls around and there is a kind of bittersweet feeling.  All of the wrapping paper is in the trash, the decorations are pulled down and put away for another year and family and friends say goodbye.  There is a kind of emptiness that permeates the house and people suffer from the Christmas Blues.

For believers, those who have placed their trust in Jesus through faith, Christmas should never be over.  Luke 2:11 tells us, “For unto you a Savior is born and He is Christ the Lord.”  The true meaning of Christmas is not about a special season or particular time of year.  We needed a Savior and the God of this world, who is rich in mercy and loved us so much, sent His beloved Son, Jesus, to be that Savior for us.

The true message of Christmas is about the mission of Jesus.  His mission was to save us.  How this mission is accomplished is really reflected in three distinct purposes.

1. He demonstrates the love of God to us.  God loves us more than we can comprehend and desires to have personal relationship with us.  To accomplish this, He sent His beloved Son to bridge the gap than sin had caused.

2. Jesus came to pay for our sins.  We are all sinners and sin separates from a holy, righteous and just God.  In God’s sovereign and perfect plan, He sent Jesus to deal with our sin problem.  Jesus willingly went to the cross and sacrificed His life for us so that we might be reconciled back to God.  Jesus paid the ransom for our sins that we could never pay on our own, making a way for us to have forgiveness for all of our sins (past, present and future).

3. Jesus gives us hope.  He didn’t just die on a cross.  God raised Him from the dead three days later.  He defeated sin and death and because of that we have the hope that we will spend all eternity with the Father in His Heaven.

Because of the amazing and wonderful gift of Jesus, I say we should celebrate Christmas all year round.  We don’t have to wait until December 25 to celebrate or feel empty and blue on December 26.  We can celebrate Christmas all the time because Jesus is the one who fills our hearts and gives us a sense of hope and joy on a daily basis.

Paul proclaims in 2 Corinthians 9:15, “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift.”  Christmas is about celebrating the gift of our Savior, Jesus Emanuel.  We can give thanks and praise and celebrate Christmas all year round because Jesus has saved us.  We are no longer lost, His Spirit dwells within us and one day we will reign with Him forever.  Praise the Lord!

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