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Abide in the Eye

Posted By Nik Crown, Director of High School On Tuesday, December 04, 2018

When I was a kid, my dream job was to be a storm chaser. You know, one of those crazy people that get into an airplane and fly into storms, specifically hurricanes. Not only is the prospect of getting thrown around by 130 MPH winds exciting to me (I’m crazy, I know), but the idea of finally getting to the eye of the storm where there are no clouds and getting to experience that calm always got me excited. Not tracking with me? Do a quick google search and look up “Inside Hurricane Eye” and imagine getting to fly through that!

You might be thinking right now, “Boy I wish I had an eye to go to, because my life just feels like all storm!” I think everyone at some level feels like this all the time. The danger here, I think, is not the fact that everyone has storms in their life, but rather they try to find safety in false eyes.  You might think, “if I had enough money” or “ if I had the right car” or “if I met the right person” or “once I have kids” or  “when I retire” then “all my problems would go away.” But that’s not true, is it? And again, I think everybody at some level knows this. There is never enough money, there is always a better car, that person will have some imperfection, and so on. Hedging your bet on these false eyes will only lead to disappointment. So where do we find our safety from these storms?

In John 15 Jesus says that he is the “true vine” and that we are the branches. Then he goes on to say that we need to abide in him. In fact, he uses the word abide is used 11 times in the chapter, and it means “to be in the same place as.” It looks like Jesus thought this was important concept!

In order for us to have true and real satisfaction, we have to separate ourselves from these false eyes and abide in Jesus. That means putting your trust in him and following what he says. So dear reader, where are you putting your trust in times of the storm? Will you abide in the eye?

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