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Nov 13 2018
The Last Posted By Bill Wills, Director of Junior High

I remember when my three brothers and I would play some crazy “make-believe” games in the backyard. What may seem small to most was actually an alternate world of imagination. We always wanted to hav

Nov 06 2018
Against All Odds Posted By RCC Staff

Christianity is growing in China even though the atheist, communist government does not promote the faith and has closed churches and jailed some believers. It is not known exactly how many Christians are in China because some people will not reveal that

Oct 31 2018
Live in Light of Christ’s Return Posted By Brent Van Elswyk, Pastor of Families & Counseling / Teaching Pastor

Yes, the world is falling apart fast. But yes, Jesus is coming again. Be prepared and ready for him to come, but until he does…

Oct 16 2018
Worshippers: Sing the Story! Posted By Silas Sproul, Director of Worship

We should be in the habit of training ourselves to sing together on Sunday the story of our redemption for the edification of the redeemed, the glory of God, and witness to the lost.

Sep 18 2018
Whom Can I Serve Today? Posted By Steve Downs, Executive Pastor

Several years ago I heard a story about a young couple who had recommitted their lives to Jesus and were searching for a new church.  One Sunday they decided to attend a church they had heard good things about and was nearby their home.

Sep 12 2018
The Importance of Remembering Posted By Todd Farnsworth, Pastor of Men & Students

It is so important to have “memorial stones” in our lives to recall the great work God does for us each day. Markers that show the love, grace and faithfulness of our Father in Heaven.

Sep 06 2018
Jesus First Posted By RCC Staff

“I never thought I would run a Christian-based nonprofit youth sports program.  It was not in my plan, but God had His own plan for me.”  God’s plan for John Bagala currently involves sharing competitive sports, but more importantly, Jesus Christ.

Aug 28 2018
Then Sings My Soul Posted By Jeremy Rathbone

Then Sings My Soul…  Sweden has contributed two major gifts to the music world.  Can you guess what they are? First, in 1976 (the year I was born), ABBA released “Dancing Queen” and the world will never be the same.

Aug 17 2018
Do You Trust Me? Posted By RCC Staff

A well-known pastor once said that becoming like Christ is a long, slow process of growth.  Laura Brown’s life has been a confirmation of this as God has slowly grown her through friendships, singleness, tragedy and even opportunities.

Aug 09 2018
Heaven on Earth Posted By Ken Alvis, Pastor of Community Groups & Assimilation

Over the years I’ve heard many people describe, often with a far-away smile, their “heaven on earth.” My neighbors described their recent trip to the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks as “heaven on earth” because of its natural beauty.