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Apr 20 2017
Full Assurance Posted By Maria Serapiglia, Director of Children's Ministries

​Following a wonderful celebration of our risen Savior; it seems appropriate to look at some promises we have because of Christ’s death and resurrection.  John MacArthur calls these promises “Certainties because of Christ” from 1 John 5:13-15 and 1 John 5

Apr 07 2017
Grace In the Midst of Trials Posted By RCC Staff

“I knew about God’s grace, but didn’t really understand its depths until I experienced the hardest trial of my life,” stated Chuck Gray.  “As the Lord walked with me through a difficult situation, I truly began to grasp the depths of His grace…

Mar 24 2017
Got Your Back Posted By Todd Farnsworth, Pastor of Men & Students

Several years ago I was a member of a law enforcement SWAT team. I was one of the snipers on the team and when we deployed we always did so as a two man team. During a SWAT call-out the sniper elements were the first SWAT guys to be deployed.

Mar 21 2017
In the Midst of Lions Posted By Melissa Brogdon, Director of Women

In 1939, the film adaptation of the book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, graced the screens for the first time. Its whimsical characters made a place in our hearts and became known as the first American fairytale and has become an icon of American culture. T

Mar 15 2017
A Disciple Who Makes Disciples Posted By RCC Staff

​In a given week, Justin Ader is directly involved in the spiritual development of more than a dozen people. Some are as near as the local jail and others are as distant as Africa, courtesy of an internet evangelism program.

Mar 13 2017
Right Here Right Now Posted By Jeremy Rathbone

To be successful in the future, while letting go of our old selves, means learning what God has for us in the “Here and Now.”  Right here, right now, is the only place we can physically dwell.  Talking our minds into living here is the challenge.

Feb 17 2017
Hero to Zero Posted By Ken Alvis, Pastor of Community Groups & Assimilation

Samson accomplished some great feats in his lifetime but there was one thing that kept him from realizing his full potential: himself. What lessons can we draw from his fall from grace?

Feb 10 2017
My Strength & Shield Posted By Matt Vorhees, Senior Pastor

What difficulties or circumstances am I facing today for which I need to trust the Lord to be my strength and my shield? What does that practically look like? Maybe rather than irritation or selfish anger, I ask, “Lord, what are you doing

Feb 08 2017
Peace & Perseverance Posted By RCC Staff

When asked how she perseveres, Jenny quickly says, “It is the Lord.  I have read His word for my whole life and I know what I believe.  He has been so faithful getting us through this.  He is always there for me.”

Jan 31 2017
When Normal Isn’t Normal Posted By Angelo Frazier, Pastor of Outreach & Care

​We have all had them, – those moments when life stands still, logic and reason go out the window and rain suddenly pours when you expected sunshine. We mostly notice them when times are bad and things have radically changed.