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Aug 13 2019
He Walks With Us Posted By Ken Alvis, Pastor of Community Groups & Assimilation

Do you realize that if you are a follower of Christ, our Lord walks with you?  He walks with you as you go through major challenges in your life as well as the mundane day-to-day efforts.  I recently experienced both.  I had a planned angiogram which was

Jul 19 2019
Made for Community Posted By Todd Farnsworth, Pastor of Men & Students

My first experience with the men’s ministry here at RCC was in the high school room on Friday mornings. Brent Van Elswyk would give a short message of encouragement and then we would break up into small groups.

Jul 11 2019
A Life Well Lived for Christ Posted By Steve Downs, Executive Pastor

My favorite movie of all time is “Chariots of Fire.”  It won the Academy Award for best picture in 1981.  The movie is based on the true story of two athletes as they prepare for the 1924 Olympic Games.  One of these athletes is a man by the name of

Jul 02 2019
News from the Elders: June Posted By RCC Staff

Our sermon series entitled, “Questions People Are Asking” ended on a high note with a live Question & Answer Forum on June 5 in the Community Center.  The evening began with a time of worship before moving into the live forum.  Three of our Pastors, Matt

Jun 28 2019
Suit Up! Posted By Nik Crown, Director of High School

Can we be real for a minute? Is it just me or does life feel like a battle? Whether fighting to stay stable at home, in the checking account, physically, or just fighting for a day off, it feels like everyone is always fighting for something.

Jun 14 2019
Taking the Scenic Route Posted By Steve Downs, Executive Pastor

How many of us like to take the straightest, fastest and most efficient route to get to our destination?  How many of us plug an address into our phones and listen to a lady with an English accent tell us the most efficient and direct way to get somewhere

May 29 2019
Proving God? Posted By Angelo Frazier, Pastor of Outreach & Care

God has given us His word the Bible, creation, and transformed lives as evidence of not only what He can do, but who He is. A blood stained cross and an empty tomb are proof beyond our understanding yet able to be believed when we submit to Him.

Apr 24 2019
Guard Your Heart Above All Else Posted By Steve Downs, Executive Pastor

​Your heart is what really defines who you are as a person.  It controls your thoughts, feelings, desires, choices and will.  Proverbs 23:7 and 27:19 tell us that our hearts dictate who we are in this life on earth.

Mar 28 2019
Failure is Not an Option Posted By Nik Crown, Director of High School

The Church does a lot of really good things.  Take a quick minute and try to think of good things that church does.  …Okay! Here’s what I came up with!  Worship, community groups, counseling ministries, weddings, funerals, kids programs, young adults prog

Mar 21 2019
Reflections Posted By Melissa Brogdon, Director of Women

I love to hear my children laugh…especially when we are all together. It’s infectious, it’s sincere, it’s comforting. Laughter is truly good for the soul. And so, on occasion I have been known to break out in dance, or song or randomly have a conversation