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Apr 01 2020
Take It From Them Posted By Ken Alvis, Pastor of Community Groups & Senior Adults

“Strange times.”  “Never seen this in my lifetime.”  “Not sure how this will turn out.”  “What about my job?”  “Will the health of my kids be ok?”  These are just a few of the comments I have heard from others about the current coronavirus emergency.  We

Mar 30 2020
Choosing Our Attitude Posted By Tim Hardy, Pastor of Shepherding and Leadership Development

I was reminded this morning of Victor Frankl. He was a Holocaust survivor from Auschwitz. In his time of suffering, many things were taken from him, and his wife was killed in the camps. But from this he said: “Everything can be taken from a man but one t

Mar 26 2020
Reflections on James 1 Posted By Matt Vorhees, Senior Pastor

“Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds…If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach…Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above…Religion that is pure and undefiled

Mar 21 2020
Our Eyes Are on You Posted By Matt Vorhees, Senior Pastor

We are undoubtedly living in unprecedented times in our society, but here’s what I love about the Bible. We have so many stories of God’s people walking through similar kinds of uncertainty that show us how his people looked to Him.  An especially powerfu

Mar 04 2020
Run the Race with Endurance Posted By Steve Downs, Executive Pastor

The Christian life is hard work.  As followers of Jesus, we are often called to sacrifice our plans, agendas, hopes and desires to meet the needs of others and to serve in ways we had not expected.  Sometimes we are even required to suffer for the cause o

Mar 03 2020

Read on to see what RiverLakes Church was up to in the month of February!

Feb 26 2020
Grains of Sand Posted By Tim Hardy, Pastor of Shepherding and Leadership Development

Have you ever been overwhelmed with overthinking, feelings of inadequacy, emotions that would ooze out of nowhere, and questioning “where does God want me?” This was me 10 years ago. I was on the pastoral staff of a church and feeling incredibly overwhelm

Feb 21 2020
Order in the Court! Posted By Angelo Frazier, Pastor of Outreach & Care

Having had the amazing opportunity of being in court for a variety of reasons over the last 40 years, from jury duty to being subpoenaed, I understand and appreciate in a deeper sense the meaning of order and why it is so important. Maybe you’ve heard the

Feb 13 2020
Tom and Jerry Theology Posted By Nik Crown, Director of High School

When I talk to the average person about heaven and hell, I find that there are a lot of misconceptions about those things. I don’t blame them too much because these misconceptions about heaven and hell are so ingrained in our culture that it seems weird t

Jan 17 2020
Chutes and Ladders Posted By Melissa Brogdon, Director of Women

Game Night…probably everyone we know will attend or host a Game Night at some point in their lives. Now whether you love a good board game or not, most everyone will agree it’s not so much the game we enjoy most, but the company that surrounds us. The lau