Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome! We're so glad you've visited our web site, and we pray you will take the next step and join us this Sunday at RiverLakes Community Church!

You probably have some questions about what you and your family can expect on a typical Sunday at RiverLakes Community Church. We hope the following questions and answers address some of your concerns:

When are your services?

Our worship service times are 9:00am, 10:45am, & 6:00pm each Sunday.

Where are your services held?

We have two auditoriums on our campus.

At 9:00am the Main Auditorium has live music and teaching and the Community Center has live music with live teaching via video feed from the Main Auditorium.

At 10:45am the Main Auditorium has live music and teaching and we have a live Spanish speaking service in the East Portable.

The 6:00pm service has live music and teaching in the Community Center.


What should I wear when I attend RiverLakes?

The culture of RiverLakes is casual. We welcome you to dress as nicely as you would like, but for the vast majority of those attending on Sundays, attire is comfortable/casual.

What is the music like?

Our time of corporate worship is led by a RiverLakes worship team each Sunday. A typical Sunday morning worship experience would include a worship leader, a couple of singers and a band. Our desire is to direct the worshiper to focus on the greatness of our God and our need for Him.

Where do I take my children?

We have a place for every child, even those with special needs. Bring your children (nursery to 4th grade) to the Education Building. A greeter will help you register your child for any of the three services.

Pier 56 is a place for 5th and 6th graders to experience the truth of God’s Word and what it means to Love God and others. They meet every Sunday morning at 9:00 in the North Portable.

Do you have anything for Jr. High and High School students?

Absolutely! We have an energetic team which plans small groups and worship times for our students each week. Worship for 5th & 6th Grade, Jr. High and High School is offered at the 9:00 am service.

Do you offer adult Sunday School?

We do not offer Sunday School for adults, but we do offer theological training for adults through our Life Transformation classes, many of which are offered on Sunday morning. In addition, we strongly believe adults need to engage in meaningful community with others to have regular times of fellowship, Bible study and prayer.

To accomplish this we encourage every adult to participate in a Community Group, which is a smaller group of adults (married / divorced / single / widower / widowed / gender specific) that meet weekly in the homes for bible study discussions and fellowship.

How can I meet some folks or ask additional questions about the church?

We invite you to our Welcome Center this Sunday! You will meet a few of our pastors, learn more about RiverLakes and we'll answer questions you may have about our church.

We meet after the morning services in the Main Auditorium on the NorthEast side of the building. There is an entrance on the outside of the building as well as from inside the auditorium.

In the evening we meet after the service in the corner of the Coffee Cafe.

How do I find all the buildings?

When you arrive on our campus you will be greeted by people in shirts with our logo on them. They are here to help you find your way around; they can help you find the classes for your children and the auditorium locations. In addition we have information centers located in both the Main Auditorium and Community Center buildings where you can find just about anything you need to know about our church and the activities.

What translation of the Bible do you teach from?

We teach from the English Standard Version (ESV).

What form of government does RiverLakes operate under?

The way we describe the role of government at RCC is that we are guarded by the elders, guided by the staff, and gifted through the membership.