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What is Your Next Step?

Steve Downs, Executive Pastor
September 17, 2014

Steve Downs

Have you ever gone on a diet to lose weight?  Or, have you ever started an exercise program to get in shape?  These are important decisions that require change, discipline and commitment.  To obtain the results desired, these decisions require us to enter into a process that is often difficult and hard.  Usually, we don’t love the process, but we love the results.

If we are honest with ourselves, this is often the same type of struggle that occurs when we truly choose to follow Jesus.  The decision and process are hard, difficult and sometimes even hurt.  It is not easy to follow Jesus.  We often don’t love the process, however, we love the results.

As I study the Gospels in the Bible, I see over and over again an invitation by Jesus to follow Him.  It’s not a command.  He doesn’t put parameters, stipulations or requirements on the invitation.  He simply asks us to follow Him.  When we choose to follow Jesus, we begin a life-long process of next steps that are often hard and difficult.  Taking these next steps requires faith and complete trust in Jesus. We don’t always love the process, but we love the results.

In this journey of following Jesus, we all have a next step.  If we are not taking a next step, we are stuck.  So here is the question – What is your next step in following Jesus?

• Maybe you have never committed your life to Jesus as Lord and Savior and you need to start asking questions and exploring who He really is!

• Maybe you need to heed Jesus’ command and be baptized!

• Maybe you need to begin a spiritual discipline (Study the Bible, enhance your prayer life, begin quiet time with the Lord, start giving back to Him, etc.)

• Maybe you need to join a small group and find a place to belong and be known

• Maybe you need to formally commit to RiverLakes through the step of membership

• Maybe you need to find a place to serve in order to use your gifts and passions

• Maybe you need to step out and begin to disciple someone

• Maybe there is sin in your life that you need to confess and get support to overcome

Jesus invites us to follow Him.  When we make this commitment to Him, we begin a life-long process of next steps.  So, ask Him what that next step is for you and commit to take it in faith.  You may not love the process, but you will definitely love the results.