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Dare to Be Digital

Angelo Frazier, Associate Pastor of Outreach & Missions
September 30, 2014

Angelo Frazier

​It will come as no surprise to many, that God is the God of communication!  Just a casual survey of the Bible using today’s social media platforms and you could say the Bible is full of texts, e-mails, tweets, and visual representations.  Looking back in Scripture, some of the media that God used was: speaking from the heavens, causing donkeys to speak, using “messengers” such as angels, and even the rocks would cry out if He commanded!  As believers, it is obvious that for God, communication is fundamentally intentional, purposefully relational and relevant to the times.  As strange as it may have been back then for those to experience the plethora of God’s methods to communicate, we face those same challenges today.

Social media!  Just the mention of those words causes one of two responses: 1. “Heck no, I won’t go.”  The second is: “Heck yes, this is the best!”  For those of us that were born before 1985, we can be called “digital immigrants.”  We aren’t sure of the language, skeptical of this new system and lack the basics of technological skills.  Those born after 1985 grew into this technology and are “digital natives” know the language. They aren’t skeptical of the platforms and know no bounds!

So we have a challenge, to use the tools of today, just as God used the tools of yesterday, to engage and connect with a world and culture that is fast-moving.  God is the God of communication.  He saw this all beforehand. Let us be eager to learn the technology God has given us for communicating with the world today!  Keep this in mind: “daring to be digital” is where the ever-changing methods meet the NEVER-CHANGING message!

Please respond!  How do you think we can use social media to reach others in this technologically wired world?