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Hearts and Seagulls

Nik Crown, Director of Junior High
November 26, 2014

Nik Crown

Seagulls are silly animals. I remember once watching a seagull sitting on a rock out in the ocean, and every time a big wave would come the bird would fly up to avoid getting hit by the water then flap back down to the rock, only to flap back up when another wave came seconds later. I’m not sure what was so great about that rock, but there were other, less wave-battered rocks nearby that seemed better to me.  

Matthew 6:19-24 speaks on where to lay your treasures, specifically the difference between laying treasures on earth, where moth, rust, (and waves!) destroy, and laying them in heaven, where the treasures can not be destroyed. Treasure could also mean more than just money, but also personal goals like school and marriage, ambitions like promotions and status, and personal comforts such as staying home. 

The kicker here is in verse 21, “Where your treasure is, your heart will be also.” I’m going to drop some nerd here and say that in logic terms, this is an if and only if statement. That means that the statement is only true if both subjects of the statement are true. In other words, not only is it true that where your treasure is your heart will be, but it is also true that where your heart is your treasure will be also. 

Matthew 16:24-26 speaks on how following Jesus requires that we deny ourselves in order to follow Him. This means we have to move our heart from the things of this world and things that we would want for ourselves to the things that God would want for us. My challenge for you, reader, is to check where your heart is. Is it here on earth seeking the things that will rust away? Is it longing for things that will eventually deteriorate away? Is your heart putting comforts and goals in front of the things of God? Is your heart sitting on a rock that is going to be pummeled by waves? Or is your heart with Jesus, longing for what He would have you do?