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The Importance of Making Disciples

Matt Vorhees, Associate Pastor of Student Ministries / Teaching Pastor
October 21, 2014

Matt Vorhees

‚ÄčI thought I'd heard every insight possible regarding the Great Commission found in Matthew 28. That is, until the other day. I was listening to a pastor unpack this section of Scripture and he pointed out something I'd never seen before in verse 16. It says that "the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go" (NIV). Did you catch that? Jesus called a meeting to give the Great Commission. Every post resurrection encounter with Jesus was unscheduled (at least from a human point of view), except for this one. Jesus would not leave this key moment in redemptive history to chance. What He was about to tell His disciples was too important to miss because it would serve as the driving mission of the church from then until now. It continues to be the driving mission of the church until Christ returns. So if it's that important to Jesus and those marching orders are still in affect, how do our lives and our churches need to change to get in line with what Jesus wants? Something I'm thinking about...