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Feb 22
It Started With a Casserole Posted By RCC Staff

When you think international missions and making disciples, you may think passport and foreign travel. Cheryl Iaconis will tell you for her, “It all started with a casserole.”  Wandering around the ministry fair at RiverLakes Church in 2015, she glanced a

Feb 13
Step Out of Comfortable Posted By Ken Alvis, Pastor of Community Groups & Assimilation

Very few people like change in their life because change is one of the most difficult things for people to face.  A recent study found only one in nine people will make lifestyle changes (i.e. diet, exercise) even after they are told the changes would res

Feb 08
Life in the Pit Posted By RCC Staff

It occurs every Monday from 10:45am to noon at 325 Roberts Lane in Oildale at trailer space #30.  There is no building, just a couple of tables and chairs and the sky overhead.  For the past five years a group of men from the “Pit” meet for lunch and fell

Jan 26
Summer of Serving Posted By RCC Staff

​How many of us would intentionally choose to spend our summer vacation serving others, who don’t speak English and live in a place that is completely out of our comfort zone?

Jan 11
Blessed in Many Ways Posted By RCC Staff

Blessings are something Betty Thurber can recount throughout her life.  “The Lord blessed me with good parents, a good husband and family, “ Betty relates.  Betty is the grandmother to two grandsons, four step-grandchildren, five great grandchildren and f

Dec 27
The Christmas Gospel Posted By Angelo Frazier, Pastor of Outreach & Care

They say it’s “the most wonderful time of the year,” and of course I agree! How about you? Yes, with the hustle and bustle, the weather and music, along with family and gifts from the sacred to the secular, this is a very unique seasonal experience. As be

Dec 08
To Love at all is to be Vulnerable Posted By Jeremy Rathbone

The hardest thing about loving someone is vulnerability.  It’s against our nature to be vulnerable.  When we are vulnerable we are susceptible to being wounded or hurt, open to moral attack, criticism, temptation, assault, etc… To be vulnerable means to b

Nov 22
Worry Posted By Ken Alvis, Pastor of Community Groups & Assimilation

There is something that just about everyone partakes in, some more than others.  Many of us just can’t help ourselves while others embrace it and feel it is important to their life.  Of course, I’m speaking of worry.  Worry is a state of anxiety and uncer

Nov 06
Weep With Those Who Weep Posted By Brent Van Elswyk, Pastor of Families & Counseling / Teaching Pastor

Something I was challenged with early in my Christian life was to “remember in the dark what God has taught you in the light.” In other words, what you learn about God and life when times are easy and good are the very same things we ought to remember whe

Nov 03
In Christ Posted By Matt Vorhees, Senior Pastor

Here we are at the edge of Romans 8! We’ve gone through this incredible story. To wrap up, here are 8 truths that we’ve discovered in this rich chapter and 4 applications we ought to take away.  8 “in Christ” statements: 1. In Christ, I am free from any c