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Whom Will I Serve?

Angelo Frazier, Associate Pastor of Outreach & Missions
July 22, 2014

Angelo Frazier

​Everybody serves somebody sometime.  It will either be self-serving or selfless serving.

Have you ever noticed a lot of service organizations provide you with service cards upon your visit?  Hotels, restaurants, even doctors’ offices present you with service cards.   They not only want to know how they have served you, but how they can serve you better.  Wouldn’t it be cool, if in the Christian community, we had service cards that detailed every aspect of our service to others, including how we can serve each other better?  I wonder what the feedback would be?  I am sure there are some areas we do well, and maybe some areas we don’t do as well!

What do you think, when you hear the words: serve or service?  Virtually every part of our lives is touched by it.  We are either serving someone or someone is serving us.  So, then, service is fundamental in how we approach it, and what the object of our service is, becomes vitally important.  Selfless service is what I believe Paul had in mind when he said in Colossians 3:23-24, “Whatever you do, do your work heartily unto the Lord; knowing that from the Lord we will receive the reward of the inheritance.”  In the last part of verse 24 it says, “it is the Lord Christ whom we serve.”  So it is not so much what you do that is important, but for whom you do it that counts.

This past week, we completed a Vacation Bible School extravaganza at RiverLakes Community Church.  It was truly an all-heads, all-hands, and all-hearts on deck yearly selfless service opportunity.  Through it all, over 600 kids, 200 volunteers, and numerous decisions for Christ followed the plethora of preparations, dedication and involvement that had started months in advance.

I believe VBS is one of the best selfless serving opportunities we have for our local church.  Scripture says, “let the children come unto me and do not hinder them.” This type of service will take you outside of yourself—out of your comfort zone, which stretches the very bounds of logic and energy! Service of this kind will ultimately glorify the Lord because it is not selfish service. Because it is so geared to selfless service, there will be one of two responses to VBS:  it will make you either run to the hills or be driven to help.

I would like to share a few words regarding VBS, and then, I would like to close with some phrases I heard the little ones say during this last week.  VBS is totally awesome, totally challenging, totally impacting, totally prayful, totally exhausting, totally playful, totally volunteering, totally stretching, totally exciting, and totally a blessing.  Now here are some things the kids said, not only to me, but to their parents.  The children had a variety of experiences from classroom learning, singing, water activities, hula-hoops, flying beach balls and secret agent stuff!

One third grader summed up her week to her mom: “Mom, I went around the world, I got wet, God can hold up a beach ball and we sang about Jesus.”  Mom silently smiled.

Another young girl, upon entering the mission center, stopped me right in the middle of the crowd and asked me to pray for her grandmother who was about to meet the Lord.  We stopped and prayed for about 30 seconds as the children were streaming by. Then she gave me a hug and went on her way.  The next day she came in and told me her grandmother had passed and she thanked me for the prayers during the midst of the screaming, fun times.

After Don and Bev Urqhart spoke in the Mission Center, one child commented, “They are really nice people.  Do they know each other?”

I heard a little kid tell his dad, who had come to pick him up,  “Dad, I can tell people about Jesus.”

One kid said, “Our church has a super hero.”  (Referring to the character of Mission Man)

Another little girl came up to me and commented with her hands on her hips, referring to the outfit that I was wearing: “Are those red tights?!... They make your butt look big!” (Kids have no filters!)

A boy was asked by his dad, “So, how are you doing?”  He answered, “I don’t feel like I am on vacation!”

A mom was sitting in the main sanctuary and her daughter commented, “I want to be a missionary.”

VBS is such a vivid reminder of how we should be in selfless service.  The generosity of our people is outstanding with all that was donated through time, talents and treasures to VBS during this week. VBS touches every area of ministry, and is truly a barometer of the health, focus and vision of our church. As believers, our primary focus is selfless service to the Lord.  How we serve selflessly, especially to the little ones, will prepare them for the world in which they will vacation, study the Bible and learn in school.

Please share your VBS stories with us here at RiverLakes Community Church!