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Romans 8 Devotions

Nov 04 2017
Week 8 Grace Day Posted By RCC Staff

As we wrap up our series in Romans 8, spend some time in prayer thanking God for what he has taught you and journal out some key takeaways from the study.

Nov 03 2017
Nothing Will Separate Us Posted By RCC Staff

As my son watched Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy find their way through the mysterious wardrobe and into the land of Narnia for the first time watching “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe,” he saw all was not right when they arrived. The kingdom of Narn

Nov 02 2017
Facing Suffering? Posted By RCC Staff

If you’ve tasted lukewarm coffee in a cold waiting room of a hospital, heard the rhythmic sound of a heart monitor at 2:00am sound its alarm, and sat for days, maybe months, watching a loved one in pain, you know the awful reality of suffering. In Romans

Nov 01 2017
Please Hold On Posted By RCC Staff

I ran to catch the tram to baggage claim in the Atlanta airport when I heard the automated voice say, “Please move away from the doors, this train is departing for B gates.” The next thing I felt was a stroller being wedged in behind me. I saw a dad’s han

Oct 31 2017
Belay On! Posted By RCC Staff

Shelf Road in Colorado is one of the most popular sport rock climbing areas with limestone cliffs up to 140 feet high.  My friends who were all experienced climbers chose one of the easier bolted routes for me. After they harnessed me in, I nervously yell

Oct 30 2017
A Bucket Seat and a Bear Posted By RCC Staff

Grandpa shuffled up his long driveway from the mailbox. Out of breath he grabbed a five gallon bucket, turned it over and made a makeshift seat.  In between sorting through the junk mail and opening his bills, he hadn’t seen the brown bear cub make his wa

Oct 29 2017

If you read the book “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” by Judith Viorst as a kid, then you’ll remember this tale of a horrible day that got worse and worse. Through humor and exaggeration, children learn a great lesson that the

Oct 28 2017
Week 7 Grace Day Posted By RCC Staff

Take today to pray, reflect on what you’ve been studying this week, or to catch up on reading.

Oct 27 2017
Medicine For The Soul Posted By RCC Staff

He saw the needle, the blood and heard the little boy in the blooddraw station next to him scream and that was all it took. Tears filled his eyes and his body trembled.  He wanted no part in having his blood drawn. Have you ever felt so uncertain about so

Oct 26 2017
Who Will Condemn Us? Posted By RCC Staff

In the city where I was raised, there are beautiful, old historic buildings and homes from the 1800’s. Many of these buildings that once contained life now find themselves chained shut with a sign nailed to the door, “CONDEMNED.” They await their demoliti