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Romans 8 Devotions

Sep 21 2017
Flesh or Freedom Posted By RCC Staff

Charles Spurgeon, a great theologian, said, “We owe the flesh nothing!  Let us not be subservient to it … let us never come under its fatal bondage.”  What does it mean when you read the phrases “owe nothing” or “fatal bondage?” The first to me is a stat

Sep 20 2017
Home is Where I Belong Posted By RCC Staff

The Spirit of God dwells in me.  The thought knocks me off my feet. To think that the Spirit of the living God would remain and live as a resident in my heart – Wow!  In the booklet, My Heart Christ’s Home, the author says, “He came into the darkness of

Sep 19 2017
Resistance is Futile Posted By RCC Staff

Flesh cannot please God. That is a hard truth to own. I can say it!  I may even believe it,  but if I don’t ask the Holy Spirit to protect me, my flesh can easily find itself battling idolatry, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, divisions, envy, and the lis

Sep 18 2017
Transformers Posted By RCC Staff

Do you ever wonder why you make the choices that you do?  I know that I often find myself in very challenging circumstances wondering why there is no peace in my life.  If you are like me, you find ways to justify how you arrived at your present condition

Sep 17 2017
What’s New? Posted By RCC Staff

​January 1 of any calendar year has us claiming all the “new” we hope to accomplish. Think for a moment about the last goal or resolution you set for yourself.  How did it work out? For most of us “new” does not last very long.  Our culture screams at us

Sep 16 2017
Week 1 Grace Day Posted By RCC Staff

Take today to pray, reflect on what you’ve been studying this week, or to catch up on reading.

Sep 15 2017
Love Your Neighbor Posted By RCC Staff

​On a recent trip, a friend and I were confronted by a homeless young lady begging us to buy some gum.  We walked passed without buying anything, quickly saying “no thanks” and giving little (if any) eye contact. We couldn’t be bothered to engage her in c

Sep 14 2017
Atonement & Restoration Posted By RCC Staff

In the Old Testament, the law required sacrifice for sins. Because sin separates man from God, the atoning sacrifice fulfilled the law and restored relationship with God. Think for a moment! What “price” or “penalties” do we pay for our poor, sinful choic

Sep 13 2017
Free at Last! Posted By RCC Staff

It is tough to hear news reports of US citizens being ill-treated in other countries whose laws do not parallel ours. Punishments don’t seem to fit crimes and we feel for the individual whose rights seem to have been violated.  By definition, a law is bin

Sep 12 2017
Grace Greater Than Our Sin Posted By RCC Staff

Man’s law starts with justice, but quickly dissolves into grey areas. God’s law begins and ends with grace.  God takes us, filthy, dead creatures that we are and washes us clean by the blood of Christ. The penalty was paid. He gives us the Spirit of Life.

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