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Was it All in Vain?

Posted By RCC Staff On Tuesday, January 09, 2018

​Galatians 3:4 

Working hard to get into a certain college and being rejected.  Turning in a detailed project at work only to be told to start all over again.  Planning for weeks for a party only to have it cancelled at the last minute. So much effort for seemingly no reason. One could easily ask after one of those experiences, “Was all of that in vain?”   This was a question Paul asks the Galatians but on a much more important topic.  The Galatians at one time had suffered so much for their convictions that salvation was by grace through faith in Christ alone.  To change course and to add a need for a works based faith would make all of their suffering worthless. Completely in vain.  It is sad and baffling that they seemed to pursue a relationship based on works when Christ desires a loving relationship based on his grace.   What are you truly pursuing?  Are you seeking the true and authentic relationship Christ wants to have with you or are you doing things in vain?   

Dear Lord, thank you for wanting to have a relationship with me.  Help me to grab hold of what you have for me.  Help me to let go of anything I am bringing into my relationship with you that is not supposed to be there.  

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