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No Longer Slaves

Posted By RCC Staff On Sunday, February 11, 2018

​Galatians 4:8-20

As I read this week’s passage I am reminded of my early years as a new believer. It had taken me a while to come to terms with the truth that I was once and for all saved by faith in Christ and that I did not have to get saved again when I messed up. Nor did I have to beg Jesus to save me when my feelings were causing me to doubt my salvation. It was this epistle Paul wrote to the Galatians that began to change how I looked at the Christian life. When our church covered Galatians 4:6-7, I felt this heavy burden fall off of my shoulders, realizing that when I trusted Christ, my status changed from being a slave of sin who was trying to live down my sin to being a child of God.  Then as I read about the concerns Paul had for the Galatians, I had to admit I was not that different from the Galatians. I could look anyone in the eye and say I was a believer, but in my heart of hearts I knew that I was still living in fear of God walking away from me. After hearing a sermon on Galatians 4:8-11 a group of us went to lunch and were discussing the sermon. I admitted to friends that I was terrified of messing up so badly that God would change his mind about me. I had a two-year-old at the time who was quite a handful and one of my friends chuckled as she glanced at him and asked me at what point I would give up on my son being my son. I of course was quick to exclaim I would never give up on him. The friend then gently asked me, “If you being an imperfect parent would never give up on your son, can’t you trust that God who is a perfect Father would never give up on you?” I thought long and hard about that question and realized that all I knew about God, his character, and his faithfulness indicated that He would never give up on one for whom Jesus had died. I could let go of the things I thought I needed to do to earn and keep God from taking away his love and simply enjoy him and serve him out of love instead of fear. Are there things that you are enslaved to that you think will help you come closer to God? Can you rest in the finished work of Jesus? 

Father, thank you for sacrificially loving us and making it possible for us to have a familial relationship with You. Thank you for adopting us and making us sons and daughters and making us joint heirs with Christ, who because of Christ’s shed blood can cry out to you, “Abba!” 

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