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God Often Changes Human Plans

Posted By RCC Staff On Tuesday, February 13, 2018

​Galatians 4:8-20

When my husband and I graduated from college, he applied to many different colleges. I was okay with every college he applied to except Mississippi State University. One by one God shut the doors to every University to which I was willing to go, leaving us with only the option of Mississippi State. Little did I know that it was the exact place I needed to go. I didn’t grow up in a Christian home and I had a very distorted view of God and as a result my relationship with God was fueled by extreme fears. When we got to Mississippi, we ended up in a little church that taught the Bible verse-by-verse. Every Sunday school class, every home group, every women’s study, and every sermon—all were taught verse by verse. In addition, the people of that church loved to discuss what they were learning and the pastor and teachers were open to answering questions about the Bible. Over time the love of God and the grace He showed me through Calvary began to sink into my heart. I was no longer one driven by terror; I was one who was compelled by the fierce love of God to serve Him and others. What seemed like something unfair and unasked for turned into eight years of being loved and sitting under awesome expository teaching that radically changed my view of God and how I lived. That is the kind of thing that happened to Paul and the Galatians. Paul was traveling as a missionary to certain places and Galatia wasn’t on his itinerary. But God changed the itinerary through an illness and he and his words were received with passion by the Galatians. I wonder what plans you have made that seemed to be unfair interruptions? Could they end up being God’s protection, God’s way of providing specific blessings, or what you may have needed most at the time to come to know him better?     

Father, thank you for being a God who changes plans. While it is wise to make plans, help us to remember to hold loosely to the plans we make, knowing you are Omniscient and know what we need, whose hearts are ready to respond to the gospel, or from what dangers we need to be protected. We choose to trust even your interruptions!   

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