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Blessed Along With Abraham

Posted By RCC Staff On Friday, January 12, 2018

​Galatians 3:9 

In college, I wanted to join a group that fostered leadership within our campus and community.  When I asked if I could sign up, I was told I needed to be a legacy – that is someone I was related to would have had to have been a member of the group in years past. I was not able to join. Thankfully, God does not think that way!  When he told Abraham that all nations would be blessed through him (Genesis 12:3) – he meant all. Not just certain people or because you happen to be related to someone.   This blessing also did not deal with health, wealth or power.   Being blessed along with Abraham refers to something far more precious and important.  The blessing is a right standing with God through faith.  In Abraham’s time, it was clear that this blessing of righteousness by faith was intended for every nation, Jews and Gentiles alike.  Many were confused that Gentiles would somehow have to join the Israelite nation to receive this blessing.  Not true!  What do you think about being blessed along with Abraham? 

Lord, thank you for your amazing blessing that you gave so many generations ago.  Thank you that you gave it to all nations.  Help me today to feel the depth of your love for me. 

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