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Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

Posted By RCC Staff On Sunday, January 07, 2018

​Galatians 3:1

Paul addresses the Galatians by calling them foolish!  He even asks them who has bewitched them!  At that time, the word bewitched meant to bring evil on a person by false praise or to mislead by an “evil eye” to charm.   Paul used that term because he found their thinking had become clouded and unbiblical. They seemed to completely forget they were set free from the law.   The gospel was proclaimed so clearly to the Galatians - how could they have stepped back into thinking that they had to work for their salvation?  Paul defends the true gospel against the Judaizers, who claimed to be Christians but were teaching a false gospel based on works.  In our world today, there are many things, even things deemed “good,” that can slowly find us taking away from what Christ did. Do you ever find yourself slipping into a pattern like that?  Adding something you feel you need to “do” as part of the free gift of salvation Christ offers?  Or are you “bewitched” by something or someone that takes your focus off what Jesus did for us? Today, let us remember that Jesus is everything.  He is our All in All.    

Lord, thank you for sending your son to save us from our sins.  Thank you for this precious gift.  Please help me to walk in light of the fullness of your gift and not seek to make any of my own additions.

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